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Friday Fitness Recap- Aug 1

Friday- 8.18 mile hike to Upper Rowe Lake My hike recap is in the works and will be published next week. It was an amazing hike! And my butt was sore for days after. Saturday- Rest So sore! Sunday- Recreational badminton Sunday was the final day of my vacation and I wanted to lounge a bit. Played a bit of…

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Brick runs are tiring!

I Need to Work Out in the Mornings!

You guys, my triathlon training has not been going well. It has been almost a week since I’ve even done a workout! I am so screwed on Saturday. One of the reasons for my lack of work outs is because something keeps popping up in the evenings that prevents me from doing my training. Grandma calls and needs help, a…

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Fit Tip Tuesday- Invest Money in Your Goal

When I made up my mind to start snowboarding I went to the sports store and invested $500 in the equipment. As a starving college student that was hard to pull off but I did it because I knew I would stick with it if I did, Sure enough, in that first year when I was having a hard time…

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Swim, Bike, Done! My Tri Race Recap

After words of encouragement I decided to go ahead and race in the Splash, Pedal, Gasp triathlon yesterday. I went into it with the attitude that it was a long workout, not a race. And though I came in second to last overall (make shame!) I am still glad I sucked it up and did it and I have learned valuable lessons…

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I am NOT a very good distance runner

Race Recap- I Should Have Trained!

I felt so good after the Moonlight Run last month! I trained hard and was happy with my time and performance and kept up my training to prepare for the Lethbridge College 10/4 Miler. That is, until wicked food poisoning knocked me on my butt for over a week.  I felt better the following week but was just too lazy to…

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