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Friday Fitness Recap- Aug 1

Friday- 8.18 mile hike to Upper Rowe Lake My hike recap is in the works and will be published next week. It was an amazing hike! And my butt was sore for days after. Saturday- Rest So sore! Sunday- Recreational badminton Sunday was the final day of my vacation and I wanted to lounge a bit. Played a bit of badminton. Monday- Yoga & Softball Yoga– I finally made it back to the gym for my favourite Monday lunch yoga class. I knew it had been awhile since I’ve hit the gy but when I checked in it said Apr.24 was my last workout. Yikes! Now, we all know that I’ve been doing my workouts outdoors since the weather is nice but that still looks bad. Softball- We had way too many girls so I played half of two games, so the equivalent of one game. It was sunny and hot and I sweat my butt off! Tuesday- Early morning run AND evening walk Run- I finally did it! I finally woke up at 5:30 …

I Need to Work Out in the Mornings!

You guys, my triathlon training has not been going well. It has been almost a week since I’ve even done a workout! I am so screwed on Saturday. One of the reasons for my lack of work outs is because something keeps popping up in the evenings that prevents me from doing my training. Grandma calls and needs help, a thunder storm rolls in (this has happened three times in the last two weeks!), or I need to run errands. Every time something comes up I think to myself “I should have done this in the morning then nothing would have stopped me!” I figure if there is any time to transition into morning workouts summer is the time to do it, the sun is out and shining at 5 a.m. which would make it a lot easier to get up and go. Here is how I plan to make this transition… 1. Start off slow. 2 mornings per week in July, 3 morning per week in August 2. Do easy workouts. I’ll run with …


Fit Tip Tuesday- Invest Money in Your Goal

When I made up my mind to start snowboarding I went to the sports store and invested $500 in the equipment. As a starving college student that was hard to pull off but I did it because I knew I would stick with it if I did, Sure enough, in that first year when I was having a hard time learning and wanted to give up  I remembered the big investment into snowboarding I made and I was going to learn. Nine years later, I still get on the mountain at least once a year. If you want to do something- sign up for it! The minute there is money invested you are more likely to follow through! Want to see more great tips? Visit The Skinny on Health to see other bloggers tips!


Swim, Bike, Done! My Tri Race Recap

After words of encouragement I decided to go ahead and race in the Splash, Pedal, Gasp triathlon yesterday. I went into it with the attitude that it was a long workout, not a race. And though I came in second to last overall (make shame!) I am still glad I sucked it up and did it and I have learned valuable lessons for the future. Here is a quick recap of my race. SWIM (500m) The swim portion took place in a 50m pool. When I saw the length of this pool I got so nervous I seriously considered grabbing my bike and leaving. I had given a seed time of 15:00 so I was in the slow lane. Getting into the water and talking with the other racers in my lane it was pretty much the same story, first timers who were really nervous. The swim went so much better than expected. I panicked during the first two laps because I couldn’t catch my breath. I was using the three strokes one breath method I was taught in my triathlon training …

Should I push through it or bitch out?

To Race or Not To Race?

This spring I was determined to get into shape. I signed myself up for one race every month from March until August. I am fast approaching my June race, the Splash, Pedal, Gasp triathlon this Sunday. Here’s the problem- I haven’t trained! At all!!! In fact, I haven’t been on a run in a week and half and I have only one swim workout under my belt this year. I am trying to decide whether I should drop the race altogether and waste my $75 entry fee or if I should do it at my own pace and call it a long Sunday workout. What do you think? Should I drop the race or push through it?

I am NOT a very good distance runner

Race Recap- I Should Have Trained!

I felt so good after the Moonlight Run last month! I trained hard and was happy with my time and performance and kept up my training to prepare for the Lethbridge College 10/4 Miler. That is, until wicked food poisoning knocked me on my butt for over a week.  I felt better the following week but was just too lazy to bother to train. I think I got two runs in in the three weeks leading up to the race. What goes around comes around because that race was a struggle! I had to walk before I even hit the first mile marker. I think I walked more than I ran. The whole time I was yelling at myself (in my head) for allowing myself to fall out of shape in a matter of weeks, especially when I have a triathlon coming up next month. When I rounded the corner to the finish line, I saw a one armed chubby woman who had a head start ahead of me and my competitiveness kicked in. I know it sounds silly, but …