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“The Rewind Button” & My First Beatles Album

At the suggestion and work of one of my fave bloggers Reb of Life Doesn’t Have to Suck my new years resolution has taken a bit of a twist. I now have eight other bloggers who will be listening to albums with me and reviewing them every Thursday. We’ll link to each other’s reviews and compare notes. I loved this idea because the same music is interpreted completely different for each person. The project, so aptly dubbed The Rewind Button will include the following blogs (and myself of course): Love As A Verb Life Doesn’t Have to Suck Grad Student By Day Pimplomat Renée Sylvestre-Williams” Sara Bynoe La Belle Vie MusicQwest Going in order of Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Albums of all time, our first review was The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I LOVED this album! My first memory of the Beatles was my dad playing their music on his record player and remember not liking it. I prefered the top hits my mom was listening to, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, etc. So when I popped …