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Gear Review- Mountain Warehouse Ultimate Self Inflating Mat

Have you guys ever had a blog post fired up and ready to go and then it gets buried in your draft folder? That has what happened to my review of Mountain Warehouse’s Ultimate Self Inflating Mat! Mountain Warehouse sent me the mat for free in exchange for a review, but my thoughts and opinions are my own.  Mountain Warehouse is a UK-based outdoor gear that have stores throughout the UK and shopping on their website. They don’t carry lots of different brands but mainly carry their own. I was given the opportunity to peruse their website and choose an item to test out. While looking, I was surprised at how affordable their gear is. When I saw the Ultimate Self Inflating Mat I knew that I had to get it because Ryan doesn’t want to tent it any more and I thought a mat might help change his mind because I’m not ready for a camper trailer. (See my blog post: Too Old For Tents But Too Young for a Camper). Anyway, I was really excited when …

Rainy Weekend in Glacier National Park

This recap is a little late but life has been crazy these days. Actually, when is it ever not crazy? For the long weekend, Ryan and I packed up the dog and headed to Glacier National Park to camp in the Apgar Campground with Ryan’s parents. They were staying the week and invited us to stay in their camper and enjoy the park. One lesson Ryan and I learned is that we are never going to go to the States on a long weekend again. We waited an hour and a half getting into Montana and a little under an hour to get back into Canada. That is a long wait! But at least the view at the Carway border is pretty. Anyhoo, we stopped in St. Mary at Park Café because I was starving. I ordered an avocado burger with no bun and cheese and took it to go. The burger was INCREDIBLE! Every bite I took was followed by an “mmmmmmmm.” If you are ever in the St. Mary area, you have to …

Too Old For Tents But Too Young for a Camper

I love camping. I absolutely love it. I am one of those folks who can go days without a shower, sleep in a bag on the ground and wash my dishes in the stream happily. But the older you get, the more complicated camping gets. Ryan and I took his kids and the dog for a single night of camping a couple weekends ago and the I couldn’t believe the amount of planning and prep that had to go into it!  Meals, snacks, clothes, layers, extra clothes, tents, sleeping bags, etc. etc. After a fun and relaxing day of hanging out by the water and letting the kids play, followed by a night of laughs around the camp fire, we settled in to go to sleep. The wind had other ideas… The wind howled so bad the whole night long that it shook and rattled our tent to a point that neither of us could sleep. the dog was up and pacing and nervous and we tossed and turned on the hard ground trying to catch …


Friday Fitness and I am Really Struggling

This has been a bad week for me. I’ve been starving and eating way over my daily allotted calories from FitnessPal but I’ve also been exhausted and no I’m not pregnant! Whenever I mention my appetite or exhaustion that’s the first thing everyone asks me and it’s driving me crazy. I wish it was pregnancy because then there is an end in sight. If I could just take off a couple pounds, I would have more motivation to push it. I’ll just keep at it. Friday–  Cycle 40 min (258 cal) Saturday – No physical activity- per se. We went camping so there was a lot of walking around and playing in the river. Sunday– Walking on highway in middle of nowhere 10 min (80 calories) Monday– Yoga 40 min (128 cal) – Softball 1:40 (600 cal) Tuesday & Wednesday– Nothing Thursday- BodySculpt 40 min. (231 cal) Total Calories Burned 1,297


Camping in Del Bonita & I Got Stuck

At last! Finally! I got to go camping this weekend! Yes it was only for one night (it was raining and 90 km winds on Friday night) and yes it was the exotic locale of Del Bonita but to me, camping is camping and I had a great time! The Del Bonita campground is only 30 minutes south of Magrath and almost always empty which is why we opted to go so the kids and dog could run freely.  I don’t think anything makes me happier than being outside all day and waking up and going back outside. I always think I would make a good gypsy because rain or shine, I want to be outside. Rocky had a blast swimming in the Milk River though at one time the current was so bad he started floating downstream so I hopped in and gave him a push to shore. I was especially proud of my healthy camping dinner- salmon, carrots and potatoes with a little garlic salt cooked in tin foil. It was way tastier …

Playing in Crowsnest River

Adventures in Crowsnest Pass

Wow! What a weekend it was! My little brother and I really wanted some quality time together (he is spending the summer in Waterton before going back to Seattle) so we scheduled this camping trip over a month ago to make sure that we got some quality time in together! And we did have several adventures. He wanted to get out of Waterton, my typical place of choice so we decided to hit up Crowsnest Pass instead. My first off impression is that the Crowsnest Pass is that it’s not the place for me. It’s crowded, the mountains aren’t nearly as dramatic as Waterton, and the trail heads are not marked (more on that later). CAMPING We camped at Chinook Lake just 6km north of Highway 3. It is very clearly marked and easy to find. This was my first time camping in a crowded camp ground EVER! I always camped in remote camp grounds or back country. I did not liek the experience at all! I was kept up until 3am the first night …


Softball Tournament in Coutts

Thanks to Camille I actually have photo evidence that I do in fact play softball. Here it is: Yup, that’s me in the pink tank top. :) Coutts was a lot of fun; but who doesn’t have fun camping, playing ball and hanging out with your friends? We came in 10th our of  13 teams.  Ha! It was hot, I got a good burn, it was pretty nice. My absolute favourite part was being outside all the time. I would wake up and go outside for food, bathroom, etc. I could totally be a gypsy and live in a camper. And so, a few photos from the weekend.