Too Old For Tents But Too Young for a Camper

I love camping. I absolutely love it. I am one of those folks who can go days without a shower, sleep in a bag on the ground and wash my dishes in the stream happily. But the older you get, the more complicated camping gets.

Ryan and I took his kids and the dog for a single night of camping a couple weekends ago and the I couldn’t believe the amount of planning and prep that had to go into it!  Meals, snacks, clothes, layers, extra clothes, tents, sleeping bags, etc. etc. After a fun and relaxing day of hanging out by the water and letting the kids play, followed by a night of laughs around the camp fire, we settled in to go to sleep. The wind had other ideas…

The wind howled so bad the whole night long that it shook and rattled our tent to a point that neither of us could sleep. the dog was up and pacing and nervous and we tossed and turned on the hard ground trying to catch a few winks. The wind finally died down around sunrise but by then we were both so over tired that Ryan packed us up and took us home. I slept from 8:30 am- 2:30 pm on Sunday and then was in bed at 9 pm that night.

Tent # 1

The dilemma we are facing is what do we do now? Ryan says he can’t sleep on the ground any more, his back hurts him and he needs a more solid bed. We have tried air mattresses and those don’t work because they are too soft. He suggested we look at campers but I HATE the idea of dragging along a camper behind us wherever we go. To me, camping is hopping in your car and going. Campers are for old people who need a bed and bathroom or people with  babies or  young children. I still like to rough it.

So what are we to do? We’re getting too old to tent it but are still too young for campers! Any suggestions? I’m leaning toward a camper van. A vehicle and a solid bed rolled into one. Ryan thinks if you are buying a camper van you may as well buy a motor home but I do not want a motor home!

I would LOVE a VW camper van!

I would LOVE a VW camper van!

I think for now the answer will be cots. We’ll get a couple of cots set up in our tent and see if that is more comfortable.

A couple cots may make sleeping in a tent easier

A couple cots may make sleeping in a tent easier

I also found these cot/tent combos/ I don’t think that would work for us because of Rocky though.

This would be so nice for set up and take down!

This would be so nice for set up and take down!

We’ll also find a spot more protected from the wind!

Maybe we need to go all out glamping! Ha ha ha! Definitely not roughing it.

Maybe we need to go all out glamping! Ha ha ha! Definitely not roughing it.

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Friday Fitness and I am Really Struggling

This has been a bad week for me. I’ve been starving and eating way over my daily allotted calories from FitnessPal but I’ve also been exhausted and no I’m not pregnant! Whenever I mention my appetite or exhaustion that’s the first thing everyone asks me and it’s driving me crazy. I wish it was pregnancy because then there is an end in sight.

If I could just take off a couple pounds, I would have more motivation to push it. I’ll just keep at it.

Friday-  Cycle 40 min (258 cal)

Saturday - No physical activity- per se. We went camping so there was a lot of walking around and playing in the river.

Enjoying the fire in the evening

Enjoying the fire in the evening

Sunday- Walking on highway in middle of nowhere 10 min (80 calories)

I was about to get angry, but decided to laugh it off and enjoy my adventure

I was about to get angry, but decided to laugh it off and enjoy my adventure

Monday- Yoga 40 min (128 cal)

- Softball 1:40 (600 cal)


Tuesday & Wednesday- Nothing

Thursday- BodySculpt 40 min. (231 cal)

Total Calories Burned 1,297

Camping in Del Bonita & I Got Stuck

At last! Finally! I got to go camping this weekend! Yes it was only for one night (it was raining and 90 km winds on Friday night) and yes it was the exotic locale of Del Bonita but to me, camping is camping and I had a great time!

Driving through the country with my feet out the window. Heaven!

Driving through the country with my feet out the window. Heaven!

The Del Bonita campground is only 30 minutes south of Magrath and almost always empty which is why we opted to go so the kids and dog could run freely.  I don’t think anything makes me happier than being outside all day and waking up and going back outside. I always think I would make a good gypsy because rain or shine, I want to be outside.

photo 1 (2)

Rocky had a blast swimming in the Milk River though at one time the current was so bad he started floating downstream so I hopped in and gave him a push to shore.


I was especially proud of my healthy camping dinner- salmon, carrots and potatoes with a little garlic salt cooked in tin foil. It was way tastier than any hot dog.

Healthy camping food

Healthy camping food

This Friday is Ryan’s birthday so the kids and I surprised him with a birthday cake, a McCain Deep & Delicious! And since I forgot candles, I busted out my emergency candles in the car and we ate it straight out of the carton so as not to dirty any dishes because we’re classy like that.



At one point I was worried we were going to get rained on as clouds were on three sides of us and it was obviously raining. But we were luck that somehow the rain stayed away.


It was a perfect day and night.

Enjoying the fire in the evening

Enjoying the fire in the evening

The next morning after breakfast, we packed up and Ryan took his kids in his vehicle home and I stayed behind to let Rocky swim one last time. After his swim we hopped in the car and nothing. It wouldn’t start. The battery had died from keeping the trunk hatch open too long. I was stranded! And even better, there is no cell service in Del Bonita.

No service! Argh!

No service! Argh!

So Rocky and I headed off down the highway to the nearest farmhouse to find help.

I was about to get angry, but decided to laugh it off and enjoy my adventure

I was about to get angry, but decided to laugh it off and enjoy my adventure

We crossed a bridge that had a ton of bird nests under it and all these creepy birds swarmed around us when we crossed the bridge.

Birds are so creepy!

Birds are so creepy!

We made it to the farm and I was nervous about asking a total stranger for help.

Hoping these people are nice

Hoping these people are nice

The lady who answered the door was very friendly and seemed happy to help which made me feel a lot better. She gave me a jump and off Rocky and I went-headed for home.

It was such a great weekend. Now I need to clean the disaster of a house I came home to, especially after dumping all our camping stuff in the foyer.

Adventures in Crowsnest Pass

Wow! What a weekend it was! My little brother and I really wanted some quality time together (he is spending the summer in Waterton before going back to Seattle) so we scheduled this camping trip over a month ago to make sure that we got some quality time in together! And we did have several adventures. He wanted to get out of Waterton, my typical place of choice so we decided to hit up Crowsnest Pass instead.

My first off impression is that the Crowsnest Pass is that it’s not the place for me. It’s crowded, the mountains aren’t nearly as dramatic as Waterton, and the trail heads are not marked (more on that later).


We camped at Chinook Lake just 6km north of Highway 3. It is very clearly marked and easy to find. This was my first time camping in a crowded camp ground EVER! I always camped in remote camp grounds or back country. I did not liek the experience at all! I was kept up until 3am the first night by the drunk d-bags two camping spots over from us and then awoken at 7am by the screaming kids right next to us. I was not a happy camper.

Tent # 1

Tent #2

We intended to buy wood from the camp site but when we arrived they weren’t home. It was 8pm on a Friday night, prime camp site hours. I left a note and it wasn’t  until 10 pm that the host came by with some wood for us to purchase. In the meantime we were starving and so picked up dead wood around the site (which we weren’t supposed to) to get a fire started to cook on.

Searching for wood

When we tried to go down to Chinook Lake, it was so crowded we couldn’t find any parking. By the end of the trip I was pretty annoyed with the whole camp ground experience. From now on, I am sticking to back country.

Reflection of the trees in my coffee


We did have a good time being tourists in Crowsnest Pass. Ryan wasn’t with us on the first day as he had to work so Ben and I were complete tourists and started off our day walking through Blairmore.

Ben hopped the fence to get this shot with a historic train on display in the town

We had breakfast as this amazing cafe! It is just like Luke’s Diner from Gimore Girls.

I ordered a fresh carrot juice and it was so tasty!

We headed to Crowsnest Lake to enjoy the view

We went on the Bellevue Mine Tour! A blog post about this awesome experience to come.

We hit the Interpretive Centre and learned all about Frank Slide. More info to come soon.


I wanted to go on an epic hike with Ben, at least once. SO I researched local hikes and found one that goes to a World War !! plane crash site where the shell of the plane is still there. From that site you can hike 3km more up to the peak of the mountain it’s on.  I was so excited to take Ben and Ryan and I found a free hiking map at Stone’s Throw Cafe so I thought I knew the way.

We followed the map to the North Creek Road and stopped under a big sign that said North Creek Staging Area while we looked for a sign somewhere. I stopped a group of passing mountain bikers (one of whom happened to be an old aquaintence) and got directions to the trail head. He said that we had to go over the yellow York Creek Bridge, up a few switchbacks and we would see a sign. We passed the bridge, drove up the switch backs and saw two trails forking. First we tried the left but that lead to what looked like a quad trail then we turned around and tried the right and ended up on another quad trail.  We drove through puddles and over rocks and ruts and I was shocked at how awesome my car was doing.

This was the highlight of this morning. We drove around for over an hour before I gave up trying to find this trail or the trail head because there are several trails shooting off the main road and not one is marked and the map’s instructions were clear as mud. But I still enjoyed myself because my car Norman a small 2-wheel drive SUV was ROCKING on this off road terrain! I couldn’t believe it. I will never call Norman boring again! 

Just a little of the mud when we first started off-roading with Norman.

So after about an hour and 15 minutes I stressed right out and said forget it. We went to a gas station and looked at the trail map and tried to find something that was a nice hike but short because we were quickly burning daylight. We decided on Saskatoon Mountain a 1.2km hike each way that was rated moderate. More details on this hike to come.

I was not impressed when we started the trail. More info on this hike to come soon.

We ended our weekend with a swim in the Crowsnest River and headed back for home.

It was a good time, I enjoyed my time with my brother, but I will stick to Waterton from now on. It’s closer, there are less crowds, and most importantly trail heads are clearly marked!!!

Softball Tournament in Coutts

Thanks to Camille I actually have photo evidence that I do in fact play softball. Here it is:

Yup, that’s me in the pink tank top. :)

Coutts was a lot of fun; but who doesn’t have fun camping, playing ball and hanging out with your friends? We came in 10th our of  13 teams.  Ha!

It was hot, I got a good burn, it was pretty nice.

My absolute favourite part was being outside all the time. I would wake up and go outside for food, bathroom, etc. I could totally be a gypsy and live in a camper.

And so, a few photos from the weekend.

Cheering on beer races

My cousin Jenn in the beer races

Camille was sick and we gave it a thumbs up.

Jenn trying to snare a gopher

That long grass line is the border. This  was Billie & Camille’s tent, but you can see is how close our camp site was to it. Border patrol was there the whole time making sure we didn’t cross.

Camping at St. Mary’s Reservoir

This weekend, I went to St. Mary’s Reservoir for my first camping of the season with my boyfriend and his kids. We wanted something close by since they don’t like long road trips and it had to be sheltered from the wind. While there is not a ton to do at the lower campground, it is a great place for kids with an easy walk along the water and a swimming hole and playground  by the campground. It was a very quiet campground and we had a relaxing time.

We saw this guy run across the road. Apparently it’s a groundhog, and bf didn’t think we had those around here.

Our campsite

This made a nice soothing, waterfall-like sound to sleep to

very pretty view of the river

Enjoying the fire

My favourite part of camping