Building Healthy Habits

I thank my parents for a lot of my healthy habits. Here are a few examples of lifelong habits I have developed from how they raised me:

My mum and I. Can you believe she's my mum??

My mum and I. Can you believe she’s my mum??

Never drink pop In our household children were NOT allowed to drink pop except at birthday parties. Because of that, I never developed a soda habit. The only pop I drink is a ginger ale when I have a tummy ache.

Always order water– This was more of a money thing. When you have five kids, ordering milks & juices all around can add up. We learned to always order water at restaurants.

Park in the back This is a habit that drives my husband CRAZY! My mum hates crowds and growing up she always parked way in the back of a store or parking lot so that she didn’t have to deal with congestion. I do this EVERYWHERE. I did the math, and parking in the back makes me walk an extra 20 metres a day, this adds up to about 9.6 km a year! ANd that isn’t counting the days I walk to my car twice to go to the gym at lunch!

Snack Healthy– When I snack, it’s always on fruit. I do have a sweet tooth and I will indulge in chocolate bars once in a while but during the day and evening, when I need a snack it’s always on fruit. We never grew up with chips as snacks.

Exercise– My parents were both very active. I’m talking weights and cardio 3 times a week religiously! When I was 14 and chunky, my mum got me started on a weight training and jogging program. My mum is 52 and now actually does Crossfit 2-3 times a week! She made it clear that exercise is a lifelong habit.

Mum out hiking me on Bears Hump two summers ago!

Mum out hiking me on Bears Hump two summers ago!

Don’t Smoke This was a given. My parents didn’t smoke and besides a short stint in college of smoking when I drank I have never had a desire to form THAT habit!

Experience is more important than things– This is a BIG one! My Dad was a hustler! At 36 he died but he had owned three businesses, a large home and had a family of 5. He had also done a lot of travelling. We drove an old mini van and our furniture was nothing fancy and our TV small, but he believed that travel was more important than any material object.  What does this has to do with health? Travel makes you happy and a happy person is a healthy person.

I do have one healthy habit that I am determined to start right away here.

Walk the dog in the mornings!


My poor dog has to wait all day for us to get home before he can go run and now that it’s winter it’s pitch black by the time we get home so all he is getting is a few minutes of play in the back yard. That’s not enough! So December/January is the month where I form the habit of walking him for at least 10 minutes every morning!

What healthy habits have your parents instilled in you?

What healthy habits are you trying to form? 

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