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Rewind Button- The Velvet Underground and Nico, The Velvet Underground


It’s almost like the Rewind Button gods wanted me to be able to catch up because this weeks album The Velvet Underground was also a shorter album.  I have gotten into doing a little background on albums and this one is an interesting story.

This was The Velvet Undergrounds debut album and it was originally very  unsuccessful. The lyrics included drug abuse, prostitution, sadism and masochism and sexual deviancy. and so it was banned from several record stores. It wasn’t until decades later that it began to gain positive  recognition.

A few stand out songs for me include:

Sunday Morning– I liked this opening song. The low, raspy singing made me think of Dylan and the xlophone added a quirky beat.

Run, Run, Run– I wanted to run from this song! The guitar rifts were screechy and would make a dog howl. Was not a fan.

All Tomorrow’s Parties–  The harmony on this song made me think of the Beatles but I could not figure out what the hell the meaning behind lyrics was!

Heroine– The title tells you what this song is about but the pretty lyrics and sad sound make it a great song. One line really sticks with me “Away from the big city where a man cannot be free.” I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, but I HATED living in Seattle, I hated the City. I felt caged in and craved wide open space, so this line really struck me. But the end had that grating electric guitar sound that grated on my ears so bad I had to turn it off with a minute left to go in the song.

The Black Angel’s Death Song– What the hell do these lyrics mean?!?!

All in all, I was not a fan. I am not a huge fan of 60’s psychedelic music and I am not very deep when it comes to lyrics so these crazy, poetic lyrics went right over my head.

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