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Hiking to Lower Bertha Falls and Waterton Biking

My playground

I love living so close to a beautiful place like Waterton and I got some much needed exercise in my favourite place.

Lower Bertha Falls is a very easy hike about 3km (6km round trip) with very little climbing. It offers amazing views and has a few benches placed along the trail to rest. This is a great alternative to Bears Hump because it is mainly flat and all ages can finish this one.

Nothing better than a hike

My playground

Gorgeous views

Lower Bertha Falls


We went off trail when we heard running water and discovered this little waterfall

Had to climb up there!

After our little hike we took our road bikes and headed to the Kootenai Brown trail. This bike/walk path was built last summer and it goes from the town site to the park gates.

Not a bad view for a bike ride

I just love living so close to a place like this!

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I'm Rachel (Betty is my old Jeep). I live in Southern Alberta where I am an office worker by day, and health and fitness enthusiast by night. I'm always on the lookout for my next adventure, whether its trekking through the mountains with just my dogs, running races, or spending time with loved ones.

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