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Rewind Button- Rubber Soul, The Beatles


Week 5 of the Rewind Button and our third Beatles album! Rolling Stone mag really has a thing for this British foursome.  This week, it was Rubber Soul, the Beatles sixth album pulled together in four weeks.

My thoughts? It was painful to sit through this. It’s a shame because I loved Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Ban and I am STILL listening to Revolver at work but Rubber Soul didn’t do much for me. Almost of it’s songs were under 3 minutes which was a change since the songs on the other albums could get pretty long.

I’ve Just Seen A Face This is probably the best song on the album and makes for a strong opening. While I prefer the Across the Universe version (the guitar is stronger sounding) it’s still an upbeat tune.

But then I went further into the album and just did not like the songs. I’m Looking at You was okay with a super 60s upbeat sound but still not a song I would turn on while driving.

In My Life was the only other song I liked and even then it’s because I have heard another version of it somewhere (don’t remember where) that was more dramatic sounding that I really liked. But the original is still a good song.

Overall, this is my least favourite Beatles album so far. Looking at the list though, I have three more Beatles albums to go.

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