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Rewind Button- The Beatles Revolver


This week the challenge was to listen to the Beatles Revolver. As usual I waited until the last minute, listening to it today- which is a bummer because I could have had a whole week enjoying this album. I actually like this one better than Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band which I didn’t think was possible.  This album has a very upbeat, sunny sound and it makes me feel like I should be listening to it while lying in a summer field somewhere.

Taxman was a great opening song for the album. It has a great beat that I found myself bopping my head along to.

Eleanor Rigby has a very sad, dramatic sound but when you listen to the lyrics, the people aren’t THAT sad or lonely. Eleanor dreamed of being married (what woman doesn’t) the priest didn’t have anyone show up for his sermons and he had to darn his own socks (big whoop) and Eleanor has no one at her funeral. That last part was sad, but I thought for such a dramatic sound, the principal character wasn’t different from half the women in my grandmas old folks home.

I still got my sitar in the song Love You To (I love me some sitar).

A couple of their songs had lyrics that are still relatable to people today- For No One and Got to Get You Into My Life. I liked GTGYIML a lot. It was bouncy, happy and sweet and it made me think of my own sweetheart who I’m glad came into my life.  (Sap alert!)

The two songs that really made me imagine sunshine, flowers and fields were Here, There & Everywhere and Good Day Sunshine.

So there you have it, even though it is #3 on the Rolling Stones list I like it better than the first two.

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