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The Rewind Button- Beach Boys

The beach boys - pet sounds - front

It’s already Thursday and I had listened to the Beach Boys Pet Shop boys way back in February during a road trip to Seattle.  On this road trip I listened to Marvin Gaye, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, and the Clash.

Anyway, back to Beach Boys; Pet Sounds.

I have extremely fond memories of the song Kokimo. My Dad used to blast it when he drove us to school about two years before he passed away. I can’t listen to that song without being transported back into his truck singing along with him. Naturally, I thought that I would enjoy the mellow sounds of Pet Sounds.

However,  I was not a fan! I found the songs very boring on this  album, they did not sound like Kokimo at all.  I was itching to skip songs, but I forced myself to listen to the whole album and aside from two songs that are still popular, such as Sweet Caroline and Wouldn’t it Be Nice, I didn’t care for it.

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  2. A roadtrip review – love the idea. I can imagine myself being trapped in a car listening to this album and wanting to skip ahead to the next song. You have patience!


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  5. Reb Stevenson - Life Doesn't Have to Suck blog says

    But how do you feel about “Surfin’ USA?” Hmmm? :)


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  7. Jordan says

    this is a joke right? one of the greatest albums ever made is boring? haha.


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