Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So here it is.. week 5 of the rainy siege in Southern Alberta. I can’t believe this!

The top thing I couldn’t stand about Seattle was the rain. So I moved to sunny Southern Alberta. Ah! Not sunny now! I went to Richland, Washington last weekend to visit my family. It was great, I brought my nephew and was reunited with my siblings, mum and grandma. We had about a day and a half so we fit in a hike, and a tube float down the Columbia river.

We hiked up Badge Mountain (more like a large hill if you ask me) and shot some golf balls off it. I hit the most amazing shot I have ever done in my life! I also did some shopping, prices are so much cheaper in the states. When I was in Alberta, I was looking at a set of pink ladies clubs for 4255, I bought the EXACT same set in the states for $99!! And if it ever stops raining, I will actually get to go golfing!  Sometimes I wonder if the summer will ever come.

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