Need to Find My Passion

After another summer of being stuck indoors I have come to the absolute final conclusion that working a full time desk job is truly not for me, and I will never find happiness or contentment with my life if I’m stuck indoors in front of a computer. Funny thing to hear from a blogger, but blogging takes a small amount of time compared to an entire work day.

This is where I belong

This is where I belong

I’m approaching a milestone birthday, I’ll turn 30 at the end of the year and I’m really reflecting on my 20s and what I have accomplished and learned about myself. The one reflection that is screaming at me is that I haven’t been working at a job I’m passionate about! I keep going for the safe jobs that pay well and have good benefits but I’m certainly not passionate about government work!

I’ve mentioned it before but I originally went to college to get my degree in Physical Education, I wanted to coach more than anything. But when I proudly told that to the people in my life (parents, relatives, a former high school teacher) I was bombarded with “No! Teachers don’t make any money” “You’re too smart to be a teacher” “Go into business where you can make some money” so being only 18, I took others people’s advice and majored in Public Relations,  a field which according to the chart offered steady pay raises throughout my career.

I have been working in public relations/communications for just over eight years now. I’m good at it, I have done well in my past jobs, I get along well with people and I’m a hard worker- but I don’t enjoy it. Not one little bit.

How I spend most of my summer

My dream is to go back to school for two years and finally get that physical education degree but I worry that financially it just isn’t possible. I married for love, not for money. What am I to do?

I have thought of all kinds of avenues; starting my own consulting company and taking on fun clients that I can be crazy and creative with, get my certifications to teach group exercise courses, get a couple of part time coaching jobs to equal one full time job. The easiest thing to do would be to find a PR job with an outdoors/fitness focused company that offers me a creative outlet and encourages employees to get out and move (Lululemon, I’m talking about you). The problem is because my husbands children are in Southern Alberta, I need to stay here for the next 10 years and there aren’t many fun & funky companies based out of Lethbridge.

I need to be a professional coach

I need to be a professional coach

What’s a girl to do? I have a lot of thinking and figuring out to do. All I know is that come December 18, I want to have a semi-clear path as to the next steps of my career path.

Any advice?

Suggestions for a career path I would love?

Have you done a major career change?

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Friday Fitness Recap- August 29

Summer Friday Fitness

Everyone, I am ashamed of myself. I have been lazy with a  capital ‘L’ this week. In fact, it’s so bad that I was debating skipping my weekly fitness recap but that’s not genuine at all. We can’t all be fitness superstars every day of the week or every week of the year. I’m human and I get lazy darn it!

In my defence- September is going to be a crazy month with me working three jobs, seven days a week except for a four day whirlwind trip to Seattle for wedding dress shopping with my sister. Lame excuse? Absolutely! But I needed a little break. I’ll get back into it this weekend. We’re camping in Montana so hikes will be had!

Friday- Nothing

Saturday- Nothing

Sunday- Hike 9 miles

Had an awesome hike to Goat Lake in Waterton! 

Monday- Golf 9 holes

Evening golf with Ryan

photo 2 (1)

Tuesday- Nothing

Wednesday- Nothing

Thursday- Nothing

See what I mean when I say I’m ashamed? SO LAZY! I better have a killer great week to make up for this sad one.

Goat Lake Hike, Waterton

Goat Lake

Advanced Hike

Distance- 9.04 miles

Time- 3:45 (this included our rest at the top)

Elevation gain – 530 m (1,750 ft)


Sunday was a typical lazy Sunday, I slept in until 9 am and sipped coffee all morning while reading a book. When Ryan announced that he was going to lay down and it was only noon, I had a decision to make. I knew Ryan was going to nap all afternoon so I could stay home and read and watch Netflix or head to Waterton. It was a tough decision because it was overcast and chilly and the clouds in the west looked dark and ominous but dammit I haven’t hiked enough so I sprang into action and was on the road 15 minutes later.

I had done a little research the week before on half day hikes in Waterton and decided to try the hikes off the Red Rock Parkway. I’ve done many of the ones off the Cameron Lake Road and I needed a change of scenery and boy did I ever get it!

photo 1

To get to Goat Lake you start on the Snowshoe Trail at the Red Rock Canyon walking path, cross that pretty bridge over the canyon and head into the woods.

photo 2

The first 4.5 km is an easy, flat walk. The trail is wide and perfect for mountain biking and the three peaks you walk toward are beautiful.


We came across a couple shallow stream crossings and it was crazy to see all the rock debris from the last couple years of flooding.


I enjoyed an easy walk but I knew that if the path was this flat that it would be a CLIMB to get to the Lake and boy was I right. The path to Goat Lake came up on the right and from the minute you stepped on the path you went up, up and up. It took me an hour to climb that 2.5 km!

This is where it go tough!

This is where it got tough!

I was a little nervous the first half of this climb because the trail was lined with raspberry bushes and it’s bear season right now. I would randomly whistle at Rocky or talk out loud to him to make noise. I’m sure the people we crossed on the trail thought I was crazy. I scared one lady because she saw black Rocky and thought he was a bear.

Halfway up you hit the alpine zone and walk on a path cut through the scree. The views are amazing and the path goes up, up and up. I was huffing and puffing, but having Rocky to pull me up helped a lot actually.

photo 2

This is not a part  hike for anyone with a fear of heights because off the narrow path, the terrain is very loose and it’s a long way down.

Dont look down Rocky!

Don’t look down Rocky!

Just as we hit the top, it started to mist which was nice to cool off. We were now at the top of the big waterfall and it was a very short distance more before we hit the lake!


The view was gorgeous and Rocky and I enjoyed a much needed rest.

photo 3

Heading down was sketchy because Rocky was, as always, pulling me. I would yell at him to walk and leaned back at practically a 45 degree angle. I was happy when we finally hit the flat Snowshoe Trail again.

On the way back I dawdled and enjoyed my surroundings. I felt like I was back in Washington with the damp and cool air and the low cloud cover.

I have rated this an advanced hike because of the distance, steep climb and the exposed walk over the scree.

I’m already trying to talk Ryan into doing the Snowshoe Loop this weekend!

Here are a few more photos from the hike:

photo 1




Cant see Rocky because hes too darn dark!

Cant see Rocky because he’s too darn dark!

Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day everyone! We all love our dogs, but it’s us childless folks who are absolutely crazy when it comes to our fur babies. I don’t know how I went through life so long without my Rocky Barkboa. I love everything about my shrimpy lab and here is a photo loaded post telling you the many things I love about him.

His morning cuddles & how he bangs his tail against the wall to wake us up in the morning

I wouldn't get up one Sunday morning so he laid on my face.

I wouldn’t get up one Sunday morning so he laid on my face.

That he’s my adventure buddy


When he sits on the couch like a human

He is so hard to photograph because of his colour!

He is so hard to photograph because of his colour!

How much he loves the water! 

I love how his legs are splayed out in this pic

I even love how accident prone he is! He’s clumsy, like his mama (me!)

Smiling with wrapped up feet

Puncture wound from being attacked by another dog

Puncture wound from being attacked by another dog

How when he sees us loading stuff in the car he’ll jump in and refuse to leave because he doesn’t want to be left behind.

photo 2

How he squeezes under the bed to sleep at night

photo 3

Frog legs from when he was a puppy

How adorable he was as a puppy! 

photo 2

Anyone else totally in love with their fur baby?

What do you love most about your pet?


Survival Guide for Dangerous Animal Encounters

My past couple of hikes I’ve been a little apprehensive about bears because they are trying to eat as much as possible to prepare for hibernation.

I found these great articles on HellaWella. These are great, easy to read, and fun guides to help you know what do in case of an encounter with a dangerous animal. I am only sharing the ones you’ll find in Waterton but there a bunch more that can be found HERE. 

Screen-Shot-2013-07-18-at-5.28.05-PM Screen-Shot-2013-07-18-at-5.28.22-PM Screen-Shot-2013-07-18-at-5.28.39-PM

#ActiveLiving Challenge Final Recap

I did it! I stuck to this photo challenge all the way to the end!

Day 15- How I am practising #activeliving today

It was a Monday so I went to my lunchtime yoga class. It was fantastic after a weekend of softball to stretch out all those sore muscles. I try to make this class every Monday because it’s a great way to prepare for a hectic work week.


Day 16- What part of the future am I most excited about

I am most excited to spend my life with my husband Ryan. While I know that sounds cheesy, it’s true. He and I have our fights and I know its hard sometimes for this extrovert to be married to an introvert but we make it work.

photo 2

Day 17- Me sweaty in my favourite workout

Hiking! Hiking! Hiking!That will always be my favourite activity! This photo is the from the top of Mt. Vimy in Waterton, Alberta.

photo 2

Day 18- A short term goal I’ve set for myself

I have not camped or hiked nearly enough this summer! My short term goal is to fit as much as camping in as possible. I may even do some camping at home during the work week if the weather ever warms up.

photo (3)

 Day 19- Favourite Healthy Snack

Mangos! I eat mangos year round. They are my favourite late night snack. My dog Rocky even loves them.


Day 20- My favourite piece of #lornajane clothing from the website

I love how cute Lorna Jane’s clothing is, but there is something about clothes with palm trees that I just love! These legging would get me through the upcoming cold winter with island dreaming.


Day 21- My favourite part of #activeliving

My favourite part of active living is that I have the energy to do so many activities; hike, softball, run, hike, yoga. Staying healthy and active has helped me live a richer life.


Final Thoughts

This was such a fun photo challenge and I think it was so easy for me to stick with because I do live by Live, Nourish, Believe principals. Eating healthy, staying active, and staying positive all make for a happier life.

Also exciting, Lorna Jane is opening a Seattle store the day I fly to Seattle for a weekend of wedding dress shopping with my sister! So here’s hoping that I win this challenge and that $500 gift card so i can actually have cute clothes for my Workout Wear polls!


All my challenge photos: