Sparkling Matcha Drink

My adventures continue with my Organic Green Matcha Powder from Kiss me Organics.

I decided to try the Sparkling Matcha and see how it tasted.

This is a simple recipe- 1 tbsp. matcha green tea powder, mix with 2 tbsp. warm water

This is a simple recipe- 1 tbsp. matcha green tea powder, mix with 2 tbsp. warm water

Mix with ice cubes, sparkling water and a lime wedge. I was out of lime so I used lemon.

Mix with ice cubes, sparkling water and a lime wedge. I was out of lime so I used lemon.


While the drink didn’t taste bad, it wasn’t tasty enough to want to make this a regular drink.

photo (1)

However, like Saturday when I had matcha pancakes, I was FULL of all day energy after drinking this. I spent three hours housecleaning and two hours doing yard work and still had the energy to go play baseball with the kids for an hour. I can’t wait to try some in my smoothies!


*DISCLAIMER- This product was given to me by the company but my opinions are my own*

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My Super Active Saturday

Hello! I hope you all are enjoying your long weekend because I sure am. Yesterday was what I would call the perfect day!

I started my day off with matcha green tea pancakes.(Find the recipe HERE).

After breakfast Ryan’s kids stopped by and asked to play some baseball, so we went to the field and played. I had to leave after a half hour because I had a track practice scheduled.

If you don’t remember, I coach high school cheerleading and I have coached track in the past. I offered to coach any of my cheerleaders who were interested as the school doesn’t have a track program, kids just sign up for Zones and go. One of my girls Jaymi came for a sprint workout.

Jaymi sprinting

Jaymi sprinting

We did 4 X 200 & 4 X 100 at 75% as a way to ease into training. I was really happy with how I did. I didn’t die nearly as much as I thought I would and I’m not sore today! Woot! Woot!

photo 2 (7)

After the sprints we did block work as she had never used a set of blocks!

photo 2 (6) photo 3 (3)

It was so much fun and just felt so good to be back on the track! I’m hoping to get in one or two sprint workouts a week to mix up my routine and because I just love it. I love the feeling of running fast.

After track, I had a quick lunch and headed to the golf course for 18 holes with Ryan.

photo 4 (2)

I was curious about how much walking I do during a game of golf. Ryan insists on using a cart because he says all the walking will hurt his back. I took a picture of my steps from my Fitbit Flex (I am really overdue writing a post review on this magic tracker) before we started and after to see how much I walk.

Steps/distance before we started

Steps/distance before we started

My steps/distance after. That is 11,000 steps in a game!

My steps/distance after. That is 11,000 steps in a game!

11,000 steps during a game of golf! Whoa!! It doesn’t feel like that much at all. Again, I did make an effort to walk out to my ball as much as possible.

So there you have my super active Saturday. If only I could spend every day like that. I’m waiting for another half hour before waking up Ryan and trying to talk him into heading into Waterton for a hike. We’re having a Friends Easter dinner tonight so that should be a ton of fun too.

Happy Easter!


Matcha Green Pancake Recipe

I was approached by a rep from Kiss Me Organics to try out Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder. I’ve had matcha green tea smoothies before but when I got the powder it came with a huge recipe guide with several recipes for cocktails, smoothies, health shots, pancakes, meat recipes, and so much more. I had no idea there was so much you could do with matcha powder!

photo 1 (2)

I plan to play around all week with the different recipes but yesterday I tried the pancakes. I had to completely change around the recipe given though because I needed gluten and dairy free. I went with my grandma’s tried and true recipe, meaning that it is all done “by gosh and by golly.”

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (2)

These tasted SO GOOD!! And I was flying after eating them, feeling peppy and full of energy. I can’t wait to try more recipes.


*DISCLAIMER- This product was given to me by the company but my opinions are my own*

Friday Fitness Recap- April 18

Have you noticed how easy it is to work out regularly if you do it once a day? The minute you take a rest day it’s all downhill. Like this week for example, I had a phenomenal first four days then I decided to take a rest day and it turned into three rest days in a row. Whoops!!

It’s a long weekend! Woot! Woot! My goal is to spend all weekend outside having FUN. Here is my week in review.

Friday- Coulee Run/ Stairs with Cat

I love running these stairs. It is SO hard and gets you really panting. On the way back down my legs felt like jello and almost gave out.

IMG_6370 IMG_6289

Saturday- 40 minutes Denise Austin’s Power Yoga

I hate her commentary but love her workout!

2 hours walking/playing on the beach

After yoga I was restless and the weather was cold. My stepson, Ace was the only one willing to bundle up and brave the cold with me. We spent two hours walking along Wally’s Beach and playing in the sand. The cold wind and flurries froze our cheeks but we still had a good time.


Sunday- Two hours of play!

Playing like a kid is a harder workout than anything else! You can read all about my day HERE.

Tumbling fun!

Tumbling fun!

Monday- Walk around the track

A meeting ran late meaning no yoga this week- grrr! But it was gorgeous so I spent a half hour walking laps around the local track. I must have looked weird in my pencil skirt and ballet flats.


Tuesday- Nothing

Wednesday- Nothing

Thursday- Nothing

When Did Life Stop Being Fun?

I was struck by a thought yesterday- I haven’t had any fun so far this year. I’m talking giggly, laughing, happiness inducing fun. This past Sunday at a work sponsored family event I got to play like a little kid and had a blast. But this week as I  did the same old, same old including a week of staring at a computer on my butt all day and going home and sitting on my butt at the TV and counting down the days until the weekend, I had an epiphany- I have stopped making a real effort to pursue fun!

I have a Facebook friend who is all about fun. She flits from minimum wage job to minimum wage job, has no plans for college or a career and doesn’t care. She is always going to shows, on hikes, out to eat with friends, on road  trips and out dancing. She is all about fun. In the past I have criticized her thinking that she needed to grow up, that her life was pathetic, that she was spoiled and needed to know what life was really about. Isn’t that terrible? When did I become so jaded that I resent others enjoying life?

I know when I started taking life seriously- when I was 10 and my Dad died. I went from 10 to 30 that year as I had to help my mom care for my four siblings. I still had a lot of fun, but I had responsibilities most children don’t as well. Then came college- I had to pay for it myself with student loans and work while taking a full class schedule. I quit running track (something I loved) after Sophomore year because I had to work to pay bills and feed myself. I rarely went out with all the other kids because I worked on weekends and I didn’t have money for drinks. Then came the real world and life slowly got more and more stressful and I started having less and less fun.

Sorry if this sounds like a Woe is Me post, it’s more of a realization; a sad, thought provoking realization. I need to start having fun more. I need to make it a priority, something to pursue. It’ll be easier to accomplish now that summer is coming (and with it softball, hiking, camping) but I still need to make an effort to ensure I have fun during the work day and work week. I can’t turn into a robot Monday- Friday only to enjoy my life on the weekends. Going into next winter I’m going to have to make a list of winter appropriate fun activities and make sure I participate in them regularly.

Here’s to a spring resolution of pursuing fun every, single, day!

How do you incorporate fun into your life? What do you consider fun? Are you also taking life a little too seriously?


Book review- Drop Dead Healthy By AJ Jacobs

I am not one to read a lot of fitness or health books. They all basically contradict each other so it’s easier to stick to what I know. When I read reviews of Drop Dead Healthy I thought it would be just what I needed; a book featuring someone who tested out what fitness fads were most effective.

photo 2 (1)

When reading the Contents it looks comprehensive, 27 Chapters all devoted to different areas of the body; Ears, Heart, Stomach, Immune System, Teeth, Feet, Lungs, etc.

But reading through this book I was disappointed. It seems that AJ, for entertainment’s sake, didn’t take his own challenge that seriously. For example, he tried a Paleo inspired (ie. caveman) class in the park once and then made fun of the guys who did it regularly. He researched  his hands one month and did a few finger exercises. He tried a raw food diet for less than a month.

Basically, he tried a bunch of different things, typically on the extreme or ridiculous side (wearing noise cancelling headphones everywhere he went and squatting over the toilet) and then stopped and moved on to the next thing. This two year journey did not seem like a true quest to get healthy, it seemed like an idea that could be made into a book.

Sorry if this is too much opinion and not enough excerpts from the book. If you want to buy it, it’s on clearance at Chapters for $5.99.  This book is for entertainment purposes, not a serious exploration of best health practices.

photo 1 (1)

I Won’t Grow Up

I’m turning 30 this year and that surprises most people when I tell them. I get a lot of “I never would have guessed you were 29″ and “I thought you were 22!” And when I smile, flattered, and ask “Oh I look that good huh?” The answer is almost always “No…you just act way younger/immature/like a 22 year old.” Not quite as flattering as looking 22, but I’ll take it.

I love to play. Maybe it comes from being the oldest of five kids and playing games and toys with my little siblings well into my teens and twenties. My step kids are the perfect excuse to play, frolic, and be immature and not get judged. I’m just being “good with kids.” Ha ha!

This weekend was a testament to the sheer joy I find in being a kid. Saturday was awful weather wise. We had plans to play ball and run at the track but it was snowy, the wind was icy and blew flurries all over. I had resigned myself to yet another Saturday stuck inside but after lunch something inside me snapped. I HAD to get outside. My step son, Ace, was the only one willing to bundle up and go outside and when I asked where he wanted to go he said the beach. So off to the beach we went!


We had a blast playing explorers. We walked around the beach and played on sand hills and in the sand for about two hours. The wind was icy cold and our cheeks were frozen the whole time but I was having so much fun climbing trees and jumping off sand hills I didn’t even think about it. We had a blast! And I felt  so much better the rest of the day in the house.

Playing in the sand

Playing in the sand

Boots in the sand (covered in snow)

Boots in the sand (covered in snow)

On Sunday, my work hosted a family play event at the YMCA.  The YMCA rents the gym with two huge bouncy castles that adults are allowed in (finally), a tumbling mat with wedge mats and a vault, basketballs, and floor hockey equipment. It was the most intense and fun two hours I’ve had in a long time! I just ran around playing with my step kids the whole time. Running through bouncy castles, tumbling, playing on the vault, playing floor hockey and basketball- it was teh most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Notice how I'm the only adult in line? Ha ha!

Notice how I’m the only adult in line? Ha ha!

It was also exhausting! My whole body was tired that evening and I was worn right out. Two hours of play is much harder than a 4 mile run.

Tumbling fun!

Tumbling fun!

Somersault over the vault

Somersault over the vault

It was funny too because toward the end of the event, our HR Rep came to me and told me she was impressed at how good I was with all the kids and motivating them to play and try new things. She said “You missed your calling as a teacher. You’re a natural.” Now if that isn’t a sign to get my butt back into school for Physical Education I don’t know what is! *sigh* Someday. I hope.

The moral of this post is that you need to start playing more! Be a kid again! You’ll burn more calories and you’ll just have fun!