Hiking to and around Bertha Lake

On Saturday I finally met up with an internet friend (Hi Melanie!) and we headed to Waterton to hike to Bertha Lake. Melanie isn’t from here and had only been to Waterton a handful of times so I loved having the chance to play tour guide and watching someone appreciate the place as much as I do. We started off at…

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Review of InTouch Activewear

I am working on being more minimalist. I want less stuff, less stress, less responsibilities and part of that includes my wardrobe. I spent this summer getting rid of the workout clothes I never wear and trying to build more of a capsule wardrobe. Which is why I was really excited to add a classic workout outfit to my wardrobe.…

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Seawheeze Final Recap- Sunset Festival

Do you think four posts dedicated to one weekend are a little excessive? Maybe just a bit! Ha ha! But each element of Seawheeze was so jam packed with fun and I have so many pictures that it just had to be broken off into smaller bites. My sister Leilani came up from Seattle to spend the weekend with me…

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Seawheeze 2016 Race Recap

I am so happy that I chose Seawheeze for my first half marathon! It was a fun, positive environment filled with other high energy people and it really was all about having a good time, which is rare for races. In my case the fun environment distracted me as I pushed my body harder than I ever have. I started…

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Seawheeze- Pre-Race Fun

Yesterday I talked about the challenges I experienced travelling to and from Vancouver but now I get to talk about the amazing highlights of my trip including the fun packed day before the race. I knew that there was a festival after the race, but I had no idea there would be so much to do the day before! I finally…

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No filter needed on this amazing feat of nature

Recap of my Trip to Vancouver

Wow! What an eventful long weekend I experienced. This has been one of the best and yet worst trips I’ve had in a long time. I’ll go into further details on the race itself and the festival as a whole in later posts but I figured the best way to give you a feel for my overall trip was to…

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Friday Fitness Recap- Lessons from the last few weeks

Happy Seawheeze Eve everybody! When this is published I should be just a couple hours away from Vancouver! You may have noticed a lack of Friday Fitness Recaps but I’ve been coaching camps for the past couple weeks and that is so exhausting that I let blogging fall to the wayside. I did spend some weekend time changing up my site design-…

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Canadian Olympians I’ll be Watching at Rio

I am a self proclaimed Olympic nerd! As a child I dreamed of the Olympics first in gymnastics, then in figure skating. Through high school and university I hoped to sprint but alas, I’m not that talented of an athlete though I tried really hard. As an adult now, I live through others and will be pretty glued to the…

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Milk River Long Weekend- I Pulled My Butt Playing Softball

Like my title? Blog experts always say to have a catchy title and that’s pretty catchy is it not? I don’t know what it is about camping/ball tournaments but I never take any photos! So this post is basically a narrative, sorry about that. What is it about the Milk River Softball Tournament that results in me injured with no…

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Tent # 1

How to Stay Healthy While Camping

I recently went camping for a weekend and the way I ate was atrocious! I legit felt gross when I got home. Chips, candy, pop, beer- yeesh! But that always seems to be the case when we go camping. We purchase healthy meal options (wraps, steak & veggies, eggs) but then we stock up on super unhealthy snacks and snack all weekend…

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Friday Fitness Recap- July 22

Whoops! My recap is a little later than normal today because I just got back from an INCREDIBLE overnight trip to Glacier National Park. I cannot wait to recap the awe-inspiring hike I went on. But let’s get into the week of workouts shall we? Friday- Rest Day Saturday- 3 mile walk I was supposed to run 11 miles but…

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Weekend Camping in Koocanusa, BC

This camping weekend was a memorable one when we headed out to Koocanusa, BC (more commonly known as Kikomun Provincial Park) for back country camping, swimming, and turtle spotting at Surveyor’s Lake. This year we went with Ryan’s parents and his brother’s kids Jasmine & Joey and of course our kids and the two dogs. We went back to the…

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Bison, Gnats & Epic Views on Antelope Island

When my brothers place in Jordan, Utah flooded out during my trip we caravanned north to Layton to stay with Lauren’s sister Caroline. I thought it was a great opportunity to finally go visit Antelope Island, a state park located on the Salt Lake and mere minutes away from our new accommodations. Lauren expressed concern about it being smelly this…

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Friday Fitness Recap- July 15

It’s getting to crunch time for Seawheeze, we’re one month out- ah!!! After only doing one run last week I was determined to stick to my training schedule this week. I did that and I paid for it on Wednesday night. My body was so sore I couldn’t sleep and for the first night in years I hardly slept all…

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Girls Day Out! Paddleboarding and Canyon Exploring

Nothing makes you feel more young and carefree than a day with your girlfriends. Fed up with work, bills, and life I arranged a girls day out in Waterton for my friends to find sitters so we could pretend we were teenagers. But alas, illness and family commitments kept two of the four of us away, but Cat and I headed…

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